Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hey guys, salam. My mood is little bit okay than before. Syukur alhamdulillah :) thanks to Allah. now, I just frust just because until now i didn't got a job. Okay, honestly I'm very very very sad :( I want my own money to buy something that I want but thats not gonna happen. I also want to be more mature if I'm working. hmm nevermind lah. tiada rezeki. Saya terima :) Okay, so let the story begin. On 22 January 2011, me and Biby and Boboy just sharing our joy together. To find a job. Like I said, I didn't got a job. Just Biby yang dapat. dapat di Karamunsing Shopping Complex. Shes work at Micron if I not wrong lah.

Thats picture was taken on that day. Just sharing to youu. Okay, suddenly not in my mood now. I think I stop here. Sorry. btw, thanks for reading. XOXO

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