Sunday, October 14, 2012


hai! lama nda ketik-2 keyboard lappy ne. haha. rindu rasanya. wahwahwah :D so how are you guys? tenene. saya kurang baik yerr. sob sob. final exam tinggal 1 bulan lagi. rasa cepat betul masa berlalu. i told you. macam baru semalam masuk semester 2 ne. tup-2, lagi sebulan mau final exam. nervous tu memang ada lah. walaupun memang ada pengalaman sudah ambik final exam sem 1 dulu, nervous tu tetap rasa untuk sem 2 ne. har har har. takut. sebab? malas belajar. hahaha. x)

so what else? hm.. oh yeah, thanks to Eyma Samsudin because mentioned me in her blog. tehee! thanks :) about the exchange link, hm. welcome :) hehe. i put her link in my blog because she is friend of mine. even i never meet her :) kawan dalam alam maya pun boleh~ wkwkwkw :D thanks once again, friend :)

print screen from her blog

by the way, i'm happy as you can see. but actually no x) thank to Allah. He gives me a lot of friends that can forget all my sad feelings. so yea, i can horey horey and keep smiling all the single day. yeayyy! but when i'm alone, remembered all the things back, it makes me sad. again. i'm tired of it. but nevermind. what is happened today, Allah will gives you something that you can't imagine. inshaAllah :)

okay. forget about the sad feeling. just wanna say, wish me luck for my final exam this coming November. thanks :) hm. i think thats all. buh-bye.