Sunday, March 25, 2012

My last post. Maybe? :)


It's 2:20 AM and I'm still here. I can't sleep. So I post this entry to tell you that maybe this one is the last entry from me :) I've to study for my final exam next month. Starting on 23rd April and guess what? My birthday is seventh more days after my first day of final exam. Hehe. I hope my exam already finish at that time. No more paper so I can celebrate my birthday and scream like HOREYY HOREYY! Hehehe :p Anyone want to give me a present on my birthday? Just tell me. HAHA. Kidding :'D

Oh yea, MAYBE this is my last post so I hope I can focus more on my studies. I'm not ready yet to take the final exam. I'm still have to learn more on Maths and Science. Maigad. Hope I can passed this two module so I'm not troubling myself to carry this two subjects in semester 2. Amin :-) Other than that, too many assignment, report, presentation and oral presentation that I've to do between this week. I repeat, too many. Like seriously?  OMG OMG :O Ehemm. So as a good student (tahan ketawa), I've to do all this works! It's a must :-)

Hell yeah, I also have a problems when I'm studying in this Politeknik KK. But nevermind, this is what we called LIFE. I have to move on no matter what. I'm trying to find a little bit happier while I'm still studying in this IPTA. I wish I can be more stronger to face all of this problems and inshaAllah, I'll can be more mature after this :-) I can solve my problems on my own and I hope oneday I can be more independent. This is very very very important to us. Independent. Yes.

By the way, I love this qoute :

"With every step you take, the journey of your life and you adventure begins"

It's a true :-) I hope I can achieve my dreams, ONEDAY. InshaAllah. Amin. Okay, it's 3:00 AM now. Shall go to sleep. Kbai. Assalamualaikum, toodles! :-)

Bibiy Ferhanah.

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